Fagatogo at 1900. Sogelau Hill with the original Flag Day Flag pole can be seen in the center-right of the photograph.
At the top of Saugelau Hill Flag Day, April 17, 1900, USS Abarenda, right, and SMS Cormoran saluting the Naval Station.

Deputy Historic Preservation Officer David J. Herdrich
with one the" iron caps" used to anchor the original 1900 Flag Day flag pole at the original Sogelau Hill site.

(Photograph courtesy of the Samoan Post).
Particpants in Flag Day, April 17, 1900, walk up Sogelau Hill, Fogotago.
(Photograph courtesy of the Jean P. Haydon Museum)

Detail of photograph of Sogelau Hill during
Flag Day April 17, 1900.

1900 Flag Day Flag Pole

On April 17, 1900 American Samoa became a U.S. Territory with the raising of the American Flag by Captain B.F. Tilley of the Navy at this location. The location on which the flag was raised is called Sogelau hill it is above the current port where the old coal shed used to be located. Since the raising of the flag the site has been abandoned and the front of the hill was cut away and used to fill in the part of the reef in Pago Pago Harbor to create land to expand the Naval Station. In 1997 the American Samoa Historic Preservation Office discovered the remains of this important site; six "iron caps," taken from the 1900 warf construction, used to anchor the original flag pole. After the site was documented by ASHPO archaeologists it was restored in a partnerhsip developed between a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout (Mr. Eti Vele) and the American Samoa Government in time for American Samoa' s Centennial Celebration on April 17, 2000. The American Flag was raised simultatiously at the original site and at the Fagatogo Malae.